Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cloth Diapers - a good move

By the time I was pregnant with my third child, I could anticipate how overwhelmed I was going to feel once I had three to care for, especially at first. I felt drawn to make my own baby food for her when she grew a little older, but I decided not to stress out about trying cloth diapers. I hadn't used them for either of my other two and I figured, why introduce something so difficult into our lives now.

A year went by and my youngest ate up all the baby food I could make. Somehow, at the end of that year, I was feeling less overwhelmed and more entranced by the idea of using cloth diapers. Was it too late? Anna was already one. But realistically, she would be in diapers for another year or more, so perhaps it was still a good move.

The cost-effectiveness was still there. Even though I had lost the money spent on disposables so far, it would still cost more to diaper her with them for the remainder of her diapering days than it would to use cloth. And I love the idea of cloth - reusable, not-disposable, not going in a landfill, and something to pass on to another once we're done with them.

My sister Lacie had already been using cloth for her little girl and I gladly picked her brain. She introduced me to bumGenius and bumGenius Flip diapers, both of which I have been very happy with, as has my daughter. I have been surprised by how simple it was to switch over, and how satisfied I feel now that we do. It does mean a bit more work, but that work is minimal and pretty easy to incorporate into our days.

All in all, let me recommend cloth diapering to any of you out there that aren't sure. For me, the pros outweigh the cons and I feel glad to be diapering my daughter in cloth, even if it's just for the end of these diapering days.

Friday, October 14, 2011

A lovely moment

Though it can be difficult to slow down, I'm always glad when we do. We spent a refreshing weekend on the Oregon coast and I'm loving the random pics and treasured memories that we've brought home.